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Summer Teaser w/ Darius & Evan

“Let’s pretend like we’re gonna try and be real professionals now!”

Andy Warhol said in the future everyone will be famous for 15 minutes…well we think that time is now. We are so excited to announce the return of the Logos summer 2017 podcast, with a new format called “15 minutes with you” starting JULY 7.

Geared toward students, faculty, alums and administrators, “15 minutes with you” is about sharing the stories and lives of the many faces that make up the Citrus College community. There is NO prerequisite to be on the show, just come on and talk to us!

In this teaser, hosts Darius and Evan break down how to get involved and be on the podcast and when we’ll be recording (Thursdays live in VA236 on campus!)

Got a topic you want us to discuss, or want to discuss with us? Shoot us a message

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